Sænskir snafsar í rauðum bakka


A pack of Scandinavian shots, spiced with six different tastes of spices, herbs and fruits from nature. Sænskir snafsar í rauðum bakka contains two mini bottles (50 ml) of:

Hirkum Pirkum
St. John’s wort, honey and sherry.

Rose hip, sloe and blackberry.

Annebergs Kornbränvin
Vodka from barley.

Thyme, elderflower, fennel and aniseed.

Aniseed, fennel and honey.

Cherry and currant.


Product number, Vínbúðin: 21661

Producer: K A Back Edelbrandtweinbrennerei

Country: Germany

Alcohol content: 35 % vol

Price: 6.623 kr


K A Back Edelbrandtweinbrennerei

Tradition and knowledge as guarantee for high quality. That is the German producer K A Back Edelbrandtweinbrenner’s motto. In charge of the family business is Fedor Back, whose father Karl Back bought the company in year 1977.